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The purpose of the conference is to create a conversation about what we as a people and as a nation can become.  Other results after the conference are listed under Outcomes


Despite the anxiety and distrust of this age, there are many inspiring examples of creative collaboration in our country. There are health care organizations that continually cut costs and increase the quality of care. There are schools that prepare students for success in the new economy. There are communities where people respect differences and cooperate to improve the economy and the environment. And there are regions in the U.S., though facing rapidly changing automation, technology and demographics, are working together to create a shared vision.  They create a blueprint for their community with the goal of economic resilience and sustainability. They reject outrage and reaction to people who seem different than them.  They define their future together.  


Citizens can change society, such as those above who are collaborating in productive action.  Our nation needs a vision to direct change and form policies that take us toward a desired future these Americans are building in their communities.  Americans have worked together in our past.  And with today’s challenges we can design a vision that builds on the best in America.  That vision will be forward thinking, while conserving our charters of freedom and our core values, and addressing the rapid changes shaping our country and our place in the world. That is the challenge and goal of this conference. 

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