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An ideal future of our country describes what we want the country to become.  A vision as expressed in businesses is often just an abstract phrase, such as ‘we are going to be Number One’.  An ideal future is visionary in describing a whole system of values, institutions, and people interacting to achieve a common purpose.  Once a vision is designed, then citizens can work out how this vision could be achieved through the political process and in civil society.

Ideal Future as a system

The elements of an ideal future are evaluated by how well each element interacts with the other elements to contribute to the purpose.   No element can be evaluated independent of the other parts.  America’s ideal future system must adapt to the challenges of new technology, knowledge, and work;


challenges to our earth and environment;

demographic and social changes;

and changing international political, military, and economic dynamics. 

Once the ideal future is described, with its purpose and values, policies can then be designed that actualize those values and achieve that purpose.  Americans will then know the reason and the logic of those policies and why they should work to realize them.

Visioning includes implementing a vision...

Visioning is action.  First, the action of discussing and creating a vision of our ideal future.  Second, is planning and carrying out the implementation of that vision in action that transforms our country.  


A vision is an ideal, visioning is the ongoing action of realizing our ideal.

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